Microsoft App Hub Forums worse than China – censorship because your shit…..

The Microsoft App Hub is SHIT. This is my view, you may disagree but we are all allowed an opinion. I have had an app submitted but not searchable in the Marketplace for nearly a month. Now that is shit, the whole idea of Microsofts 30% cut is they provide the storefront. What makes it worse is the emails saying we know there is a problem but we have no idea when it will be fixed. How difficult is it to have 100k records in a database. If you want to compete then you need to be as good if not better than the competition not a lot worse.

I thought I would take to the forums after several emails from support to my clients telling me Microsoft working on it, yes they f****d up the reply and sent it to one of my clients …. classic.

That question was “disappeared” as was another that I had replied to which asked if anybody else had issues. None of these were rude just pointing out there was a problem.

So I submitted this question.

and you can see it in the list here

but a day or so later it’s been “disappeared”

Well I can only imagine the forums are run by Microsoft China.